Rikki Lee Travolta Dishes on Celeb Dating

Actor Turned Author Admits Hookup with Anna Nicole Smith


According to the Internet, actor turned author Rikki Lee Travolta has been linked to some of the most beautiful actresses in the world. In the popular new book Unbecoming Travolta: a memoir of mania and multiple personalities, Travolta dishes the dirt on which rumors are true and which are pure fiction.

The popular new book Unbecoming Travolta: a memoir of mania and multiple personalities chronicles Rikki Lee Travolta’s battle with mental illness. Diagnosed in 2008, Travolta suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder (Multiple Personality Disorder), Bipolar Disorder (Manic Depression), Borderline Personality Disorder, and Paranoid Schizophrenia.

While living in Los Angeles and illegitimately convincing the world he was John Travolta’s nephew, Travolta was rumored to have dated Pamela Anderson, Jenna von Oy, Anna Nicole Smith, and a host of adult film actresses.

In the new book Unbecoming Travolta, Travolta reveals that his rumored affair with Pamela Anderson is pure fiction. In fact, he has never even met the actress. The rumored affair with Anna Nicole Smith, on the other hand, Travolta qualifies as true.

In the case of Jenna von Oy of Blossom and The Parkers fame, Travolta says that the actress was nothing more than a friend. The two both sang at a wedding of mutual friends and then von Oy taught Travolta to swing dance at the wedding reception.

As far as his relationships with actresses from the adult film industry, Travolta refuses to name names given that most of his conquests are no longer active in the industry. He does however confirm that there was a host of affairs in the late 1990s while he was active in the Hollywood party scene.

Unbecoming Travolta is the true story of a young man who suffered multiple traumas (both physical and psychological), spawning multiple personalities, paranoid schizophrenia, and manic depression. One personality, Rikki Lee Travolta, gained fame throughout the world as John Travolta’s nephew – convincing even John Travolta’s management and security of the legitimacy of the fake relationship.

In 2008 Rikki Lee Travolta suffered a nervous breakdown. While hospitalized he learned the truth – that he was not in fact a member of the famed Travolta entertainment family. The book, Unbecoming Travolta, was published in 2013 to set the record straight.

As a performer, Travolta is credited as the first celebrity guest star for the Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding stage franchise. In 2005 he was named alongside Donny Osmond and Patrick Cassidy as one of the top three headliners in the world of the Andrew Lloyd Webber/Tim Rice musical Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.

Travolta is a former journalist for some of the world’s leading trade publishing companies including CMP Media, Cahners, Reed Elsevier, Miller Freeman, Business News Publishing, Chartwell Communications, and James Informational Media. His 2002 fiction novel My Fractured Life was named an Amazon Top Ten Recommendation and was optioned for feature film development by Port Magee Pictures.

Outside of the literary trenches, Travolta is the former public relations manager for one of the Top 200 U.S. brands.

Unbecoming Travolta is available through www.Amazon.com, www.BarnesandNoble.com, and www.TravoltaNet.com. The ebook is only $1.99!


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